I have a BA in Political Science from the University of Toronto. I moved to White Rock in 2007 after working in Silicon Valley and enduring horrendous commutes, pollution, and overcrowding. White Rock was the City I was looking for!

As a Management Consultant in the Information Technology field, I have worked for a number of large organizations, including municipal governments. I am known for bringing in projects on time and on budget.

The turning point in my career came when I was working for the City and County of San Francisco with their Business Taxes Department. Two things came out of that project: 1 – the City got more revenue and 2 – I realised I liked solving complex problems.


The City of White Rock faces some complex issues. We need to grow, but at what rate? We have 15 towers coming online at a very fast pace. We need to slow the process down. Democracy Direct White Rock is seeking a moratorium on approving high rises until the 15 approved towers have been built and, at the same time, perform a comprehensive review of how we got here.


I want to be a voice of reason in City Hall where all sides will be heard and the voice of the residents will be respected.


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