Why are you running?

I got involved with White Rock politics when the "Hump" was clearcut in 2015. We were promised that we would love what was to be done with that area. Three years later and nothing. Will Grant Meyer get his way and put a Parkade on the "Hump"? 


Since 2015, I have discovered that many important decisions are done behind closed doors - cut to garbage collection to 11,000+ residents and businesses, the purchase of the EPCOR water utility, and more.

The current Council unanimously approved the clearcut of the "Hump", unanimously approved the new OCP, which allows for high rise towers outside the Town Centre, and unanimously approved cutting garbage collection to 11,000+ residents and businesses. They unanimously approved the North Bluff Road study, which will look at creating towers of 35+ storeys.

I want to ensure White Rock takes a new direction by engaging the Public in decision-making, restricting closed Council meetings, and protecting what's left of this City by the Sea.

What are your qualifications for the job?
  • I have worked for municipal governments before and I know how they work.

  • I have a degree in Political Science.

  • I am experienced at understanding and solving complex problems.

What are your top three issues?
  • Open and transparent government with genuine public engagement.

  • Controlled Growth.

  • Transparency and Customer Service at City Hall.

Is DDWR another coalition?

DDWR is an elector organization - a collection of individuals with a common view of the issues facing White Rock. We will vote the same way when it comes to holding the line on high rise towers, spending, and we will reinstate Question Period. There are many issues we agree on and we will vote the same way on these issues. We are comprised of individuals representing the entire political spectrum and we will no doubt disagree!

Where have you volunteered?
  • SOURCES Information and Referral

  • TOASTMATERS - Past Area 50 Director